Second Place
2013 Ohio State Fair
Jim Geiger
Alexandria, Ohio

Servings: 6

6 oz. White Chocolate
2 c. Heavy Whipping Cream
2 tsp. Knox Gelatine
1¼ c. Valley Vineyards Honey Mead Wine

1. Pour ¼ of a cup of cream over white chocolate. Microwave until melted, approximately 1 minute, stir until creamy. Cool completely.

2. Add Gelatine to ½ c. of wine, let set 1 minute. Microwave to a boil. Stir in remaining wine. Let cool.

3. Whisk wine and chocolate together. Refrigerate until set.

4. Beat remaining cream until stiff. Fold into chocolate wine mixture and refrigerate until set. If desired, garnish with berries.