Congratulations to the 2021 medal winners from this year’s Ohio Wine Competition. The Best of Show and Best of Ohio award winners are listed below. A complete list of medal winners can be found at –2021 Ohio Wine Competition Results Booklet

Overall Best of Show:                                                                            2020 Michael Angelo’s Winery Pinot Grigio

Best of Show White:                                                                               Maize Valley Riesling

Best of Ohio White Wine:                                                                      2019 Ferrante Grand River Valley Signature Chardonnay

Best of Show Red:                                                                                   2017 Burnet Ridge Purple Trillium

Best of Ohio Red Wine:                                                                          2020 Crooked River Cabernet Franc

Best of Show and Best of Ohio Blush/Rose Wine:                            Kosicek Vineyards Emma’s Blush

Best of Show Fruit/Specialty Wine:                                                     Maize Valley Blackberry

Best of Show Sparkling Wine:                                                              Ferrante Star Seeker Moscato

Best of Show and Best of Ohio Dessert/Specialty Wine:                Gervasi Vineyard Sognata Ice Wine

The “Best of Ohio” designation was awarded to the “Best of Show” wines that were made from a minimum of 90% Ohio-grown American/Labrusca, Hybrid and Vinifera grape varieties, and have received the Ohio Quality Wine seal designation.