About OGIC

about_OGIC_01The Ohio Grape Industries Committee (OGIC) was established by the Ohio General Assembly in 1981 through ORC 924.51 to ORC 924.56 in order to create viable, income-producing grape enterprises in the state of Ohio by providing marketing and promotion efforts to generate and expand new markets for grapes and grape products and research to improve the quality of grapes and profitability of grape growing as an agri-business.









  • Chair – Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture
  • Chief of the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Marketing Division
  • Superintendent of the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control
  • Five members appointed by the chair from the grape industry

Funding from excise taxes paid on all wines sold in Ohio

  • Permanent 3-cents per gallon
  • Temporary, renewable 2-cents per gallon

Economic Impact Study Results

To view the industries’ most recent economic impact study, click here.