In the post-Revolutionary War era, before it became the seventeenth state in 1803, the area that makes up modern-day Ohio was divided among and governed by the original colonies. Northern Ohio, known then as the Western Reserve, was claimed by Connecticut. Virginia had its own reserve in what is now Southern Ohio and used it to provide land grants to Revolutionary War veterans. I tell you this, because The Virginia Grape feels that it is his manifest destiny, based on historical precedent, to expand his blogging empire into this original Virginia territory.

The other reason I provided that background was to give context to another fact. The tract of land, that is currently home to Caesar Creek Vineyards, was deeded by—then Virginia Governor—Thomas Jefferson (which, of course, strengthens The Virginia Grape’s claim to Southern Ohio). The original settler’s home was a wooden structure, that no longer exists. It was replaced by a brick home, which still stands on the property, but was not built until well after statehood in 1850. In any case, the property and surrounding area are full of early-American points of interest.

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