First Place, Entree or Side Dish Category
2005 Ohio State Fair
Elaine Mascato
Columbus, Ohio

3 Servings

1 c. Mon Ami Lake Erie White Catawba Wine
3 5-oz. boneless chicken breasts
4 Ohio green onions
1 c. portabella mushrooms
4 oz. deli ham, diced
1 c. Ohio whipping cream
½ c. Ohio butter
2 tbsp. flour
½ c. Ohio Parmesan cheese
4 c. prepared rice

1. In large skillet over medium-high heat, melt butter.
2. Place chicken breast in hot butter and brown to cook both sides well.
3. Remove chicken and add onions, ham, flour, ½ c. wine, and mushrooms to skillet.
4. Add whipping cream.
5. Cook until sauce thickens.
6. Place each chicken breast over 1 c. rice.
7. Add cheese to sauce in skillet and pour over each breast evenly.