Ohio Quality Wines

Are you looking for Ohio’s finest wines, made from Ohio-grown grapes?

The Ohio Quality Wine (OQW) program, established in 2007 by the Ohio Grape Industries Committee and the Viticulture and Enology Program at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, enables consumers to easily identify Ohio’s premier quality wines.

The OQW program is open ONLY to Ohio wines that are produced with at least 90% Ohio-grown grapes and which have passed sensory and chemical analysis.

Beginning with the May 2012 submission period, Labrusca varieties, including Concord, Catawba, Niagara, etc. were included into the program. As a result of this addition, the OQW program now has three specific classifications which you will find listed next to these award-winning wines.

Classifications include:

  • Vintage Class
    • European Species (Vitis vinifera – all styles)
    • Hybrids (all styles)
  • Specialty Class
    • Fortified wines
    • Dessert wines
  • Heritage Class
    • Vitis labrusca – Examples of varieties grown in Ohio include but are not restricted to: Catawba, Concord, Delaware and Niagara
    • Vitis aestivalis – Examples include Norton, also called Cynthiana.

For a complete list of OQW award-winners, click here.

Ohio Quality Wine vs. Ohio Award-Winning Wines

While wines bearing the OQW designation are a guarantee that the wine is produced from a minimum of 90% Ohio-grown grapes, there are numerous other award-winning wines produced in Ohio, made mostly of bulk wine, grapes or juice imported from places such as New York, California and beyond.

Ohio wineries have something for everyone, however if you are interested in purchasing wine produced from at least 90% Ohio-grown grapes, look for the distinctive OQW logo printed on the wine bottle capsule or for the gold foil sticker placed on the bottle of these qualifying wines.